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Ce que pensent nos visiteurs

"Projet intéressant ! Je vais vous suivre et en parler autour de moi !"

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CQRiders is a recognized association of general interest that aims to raise the awareness of PTW drivers to the dangers of the road and all similar, related or complementary objects or likely to promote its realization or development. 

The name "CQRiders" means "biker safety".

By detailing "CQ" = sécu = security.

What ?

Who ?

Where ?



How ?

Why ?

Promote the "road safety of bikers".

All motorized two-wheeler drivers.

In France ! Then in the French-speaking and border countries.

Soon ! We need your donations to go faster :)

Either by donation or by becoming a member, volunteer or partner.

Membership is free!

1. Reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

2. Encourage bikers to adopt a good behavior for the long term.

3. Make the public aware of the dangers of the road by motorcycle.

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Wondering why the first 3 letters of the CQRiders association are capitalized?

These are the initials of our values!

C like… Contribution !


Knowledge is shared ! Let's show the facts to the unconscious skeptics that the danger comes from everywhere when riding a motorcycle! And that, thanks to our members !

Q like… Quietude !


Drive freely and countless hours ... That's the real life :)

R like… Responsability !

Promote road safety for bikers, it starts with you! Let's be exemplary, vigilant and caring to all road users.